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In this post, we have featured the Azazie Coupon Promo Codes 2023 with all its products and perks.

You might often look for the best occasional dresses on the internet and hover over some great marketplace for special occasions.  

Azazie offers the best occasional dresses with a wide variety of products and a number of features. It gives the high-quality, perfectly crafted and custom fit dresses at affordable prices.

The best part is that it offers you all this at your doorstep.

Azazie Coupon Code -Azazie

Azazie Coupon Promo Codes January 2023

At Azazie, each dollar you spend goes specifically into the structure and materials of your dress.

Beginning with the creation procedure, the luxury textures are just cut after your request is set, which implies less waste.

You can use Azazie coupon promo codes for the same site to get some bucks off your bill.

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How to Grab Azazie Coupon Promo Codes?

  • Although the Azazie discount is not available on all the dresses you can get a discount on dresses.
  • Select the dress that you wish to purchase.
  • Add it to the cart and go to the checkout page.


  • You will have to sign up for Azazie if you are a new member.
  • Fill in all the details such as; Date of the event (if any), Name, Shipping Address, and payment details.
  • Promo codes will be automatically applied in the checkout or you can enter your own code if any.
  • Click on Continue Checkout and your Azazie coupon promo codes will be applied.

Why Get Azazie Coupon Promo Codes?

  • They trust that everybody ought to probably claim high caliber, expertly made pieces with a custom fit-all at a reasonable cost!
  • Their interesting stage will convey your made-to-arrange dress directly to your entryway.
  • Their image is committed to making quality items with extraordinary tender loving care.
  • Each dress is sliced and sewn to arrange. Each dress is made only for you beginning the day you submit your request.
  • They offer a free custom-fit choice! They tweak your bust/abdomen/hip territories to accommodate your estimations.
  • Despite the fact that a dress is made with your estimations, every individual’s body is remarkable and your dress may, in any case, need extra adjustments from a nearby fit proficient.


  • Azazie separates itself from conventional retailers by removing the mediators bringing you quality, moderate pieces structured and fit on genuine individuals.
  • Their stage keeps away from conventional retail expenses of publicizing, physical retail space, obtainment, and unsold stock.
  • Every year, they grant an excellent understudy that will reduce rising educational cost expenses. The Azazie Scholarship is a rousing route for us to interface with the distinct advantages of tomorrow.

What Products Are Being Sold at Azazie?

There is a mixed range of products being sold at Azazie, here’s a list of a few products sold over their website for a better day on special occasions.

Azazie Coupon Code-Products

  1. Bride’s gowns:

To mark your special day, Azazie offers the best Bridal gown for all the sizes and different colors.

What I loved most about it is that let’s choose the dresses by using the filters.

You can choose the wedding gowns on the basis of different themes such as Vintage wedding dress, Boho wedding dresses, Romantic, Modern, or Princess wedding ideas.

You can go through the definitive guide on Bride gowns to choose the perfect dress for you.

2. Bridesmaid Dresses:

Bridesmaid is definitely an important part of the wedding and it’s important for them to choose a suitable wedding gown for them.

At Azazie, you can choose the dresses for Bridesmaid. It has the options to choose from a junior bridesmaid, modest bridesmaid, maternity, and all the long dresses. You can choose dresses for under $150.

  1. Mother of the bride’s dresses: You can also choose the dresses for the mother of the bride. Select from the best sellers, new arrivals, and under $150.  
  2. Accessories of the bride, bridesmaid, and the groom: It offers he wedding veils, groomsmen accessories, wedding panniers, sashes, and wraps ranging from $20 to $100.  
  3. Swatches and fabrics: Choose the right fabric and get it delivered to your home.

Swatches are also great to show your wedding planners to find complementary colors for your decor and accessories.

These luxe fabrics will be able to show you how your favorite color will look in various fabrics like satin, chiffon, or tulle – so you can plan your wedding day like a pro.

Try at home service

4. Try at the home facility: If you are willing to try some dresses at home, you can choose them at a price of $10-$15 including shipping.

After you have tried the dresses, you can mail back the sample within a week using the prepaid labels and order the gown that you like the most.

Create Showroom in Azazie

Azazie does not only let you purchase dresses for weddings or parties or proms but you can also create a showroom of your own and invite your squad to purchase dresses from there.

If you are someone who is willing to purchase the same kind of dresses or in a particular manner, just click on the create showroom and heart the dresses that you want to add in your showroom.

You can control this showroom, add or delete products, invite members, try swatch or customize products.

This showroom is an incredible feature by Azazie that lets you and your squad decides the perfect dresses for the perfect occasion.

What is the Costing at Azazie like?

The costing varies from the material, size, length, width, type, and what not!

The range starts from a dollar to 799 dollars.

Try at home service

Your request is affirmed with the stock and quality control group. On the off chance that everything looks great (no strange estimations, address data, and so on.)

They will affirm the request and send it to the tailors to get the chance to work.

This can take 1-3 business days. At that point, each dress is made-to-arrange by our tailors. This can take as long as 5 weeks.

You can’t surge craftsman quality work! Your dress is dispatched by means of FedEx Ground from our distribution center in Mountain View.

FedEx Ground shipping times change from 1-10 business days, contingent upon your district. Delivery to Canada can take an extra week to experience traditions.

Each dress is made-to-arrange, so the turnaround time is the equivalent, regardless of whether you request a standard size dress or a made-to-gauge custom.

What are the Features of Azazie?

Bridesmaid dresses & wedding dresses

  • They have tremendous features on a simple website like this.
  • They ship to Canada as well as the United States of America.
  • Azazie has a try at the home facility with the minimum charges that of 10 dollars.
  • They provide accessories along with the dresses for all, brides, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and even the groomsmen and the groom.
  • It is an all in one website, helping you out with the minute details of the special occasion in your life.
  • Amazing customer service, available 24/7.
  • Have a talk with real-time people, not bots.
  • Provide custom-fitted dresses to all.
  • They provide you with swatches beforehand so that you know exactly what is coming to your house on a special day.

Azazie Coupon Code- Features

What is the Azazie Return Policy?

Azazie will issue a discount of the expense of the returned item on the off chance that you are not 100% happy with your request. Transportation and any rush* expenses won’t be discounted.

To get a discount on the expense of the returned item, the thing must be stamped for return inside 10 days of its landing to you.

This implies you have 10 days from the date of conveyance to log once more into your record to ask for an arrival.

Your arrival must be dropped off with the assigned dispatching bearer before your arrival name terminates.

It would be ideal if you ensure you twofold check the right delivering transporter before dropping your bundle off.

Azazie won’t be considered in charge of mis-transported returns. All things must be returned in a unique condition (unworn, unwashed, unaltered, and flawless) with the first labels connected.

You will get a discount on the expense of the returned item, less the first expense of transportation, and any rush* charges (if relevant), when we get the request back in our distribution center and procedure the arrival.

Try not to let return following trick you! It can take up to 3 business days to process your arrival and discount once the bundle lands back in our stockroom. Kindly note your bank may take extra days to process the discount on their end.

How to Return?

Inside 10 days of its entry to you, sign in to your Account, select the request you’d like to return, and fill in the arrival structure under Returns and Refunds.

Client Service will email you with a connected Return Merchandise Authorization form(RMA) with a prepaid transportation name. If it’s not too much trouble print out the structure.

Pack the things you’d like to return into the first box or box of comparative or littler size* with the RMA structure and join the arrival mark

Drop into any FedEx, USPS or Canada Post (contingent upon your drop off area) before the arrival name terminates.

When the discount has been handled, the assets will be attributed back to your unique financial balance or online installment account. It would be ideal if you note it might take your money related organization extra days to process.

** Please note orders returned in larger than average boxes may have extra dispatching expenses deducted from the discount sum.

Cancellation and Changes Policy 

You may drop your order* or demand changes to it inside 72 hours of setting it for a full discount everything being equal and charges.

In the event that you have to drop your request after the 72-hour crossing out period has passed, you should trust that the request will arrive and afterward ask for an arrival (if qualified).

Swatch orders, estimating tape orders, test dress requests, and freedom things must be dropped or changed inside 30 minutes of submitting the request.

How does the Azazie Customer Service Work?

The educated client administration group is staffed by genuine individuals – never robots, in the event that you have any inquiries or worries about your request they are here to help. Connect with them through email or via telephone, and they will do all that we can to get you the dress you had always wanted.

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FAQs about Azazie

🤔 Can I get a discount if I am a student?

Yes, you can!! Just mail your student ID card at [email protected] and you will receive your discount coupon through the mail.

❓ Are there any other discount Coupons available?

There are a number of discount coupons available, some of which you can use at the checkout or they are already applied. There is also a military discount for US military men.

❓ How can I sort my shopping?

You can choose various options to select your right shopping priority. You can choose to shop by color, by length, fabric, straps, silhouette, collection and various other filters.

❓ Which countries does Azazie deliver?

Azazie delivers only in the parts of the US and Canada.

🤔 Can I see any wedding Expos available?

You can see various Wedding expos that are going to be held in your area. You can add them to a calendar.

Conclusion: Azazie Coupon Promo Codes January 2023

Azazie coupon codes promise to be one of the best platforms for the brides’ dresses and all the other accessories for the bridesmaid.

You will never fall short of the choices available for the dresses here. Choose the right dress and try it at home if you want. Order the right gown for you and slay like a queen!!

Above all, you can create your own showroom and get the dresses at a discounted price. Use Azazie Coupon Promo Codes January 2023 and enjoy your wedding day!!

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